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Country houses to rent in Majorca

3 April, 2017 by martin
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Mallorcafincarent has a wide range of holiday rental properties available on the island of Majorca. We are leaders in the market of rural rental houses. Our houses are totally equipped to every last detail to ensure your comfort and make your journey a pleasure.

Our country houses to rent in Majorca:

Finca Can Tord
From 510 € per night
Finca Cas Corso
From 220 € per night

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Further information about rentals of country houses in Majorca

A marvellous option is the rental of rural houses in Majorca, the biggest island of the Balearic archipelago and the largest in Spain. In the past it was christened, the island of the calm, for its relaxing atmosphere.

Majorcafincarent offers you a great selection of accommodations, authorised registered and fully legal with the authorities. Ideal for a memorable holiday to recharge the batteries and feel relaxed in body and mind.

Rural tourism is very fashionable these days. Contact with nature, clean air combined with a stylish dwelling form the perfect combination to escape from the routine of daily life. The sunsets and evenings in Majorca seen from its many sea coves are well known for their beauty. Enjoy water sports, like scuba diving, taste a good ensaimada in the garden or eat an appetising ”arroz brut“, are just some of the many advantages of rural holiday rental.

Rental of a country house surrounded by magical places, is the alternative to “the bucket and spade package holiday” that hotels supply. Depending on your needs and requirements you can enjoy a house in the countryside with your family or friends.

In previous times there were only the hotels with their inflexible and strict timetables time tables. There are so many advantages, spacious communal areas, freedom from time tables, privacy ,enjoyable areas, spacious bedrooms, kitchen available all hours, flexible arrival and departure times, every possible comfort and all made from first class materials and tastefully decorated throughout. All goes to make a good relaxing holiday within the reach of everyone.

We also have other types of rental properties available, many with sea views, a requirement of many guests. Surrounded by vegetation and natural beaches, ideal to enjoy the garden with the little children, have a BBQ in the open air, long time resting and having dips in the private pool.

Villas surrounded by substantial gardens that as night falls become illuminated using the most modern technology. Provided with internet, fully equipped kitchens and every luxury these types pof holidays have become fashionable as they can cater for groups of friends that want to experience this original type of holiday and also be near to beaches. A good, more economical way of holidaying plus more obtainable than in any hotel.

Why not decide to rent a holiday house and be the master of one of these fantastic properties during your stay? Plan your holidays and reserve your villa on the island of Majorca. Let yourself fall in love with the Majorcan culture and our special properties and to whose charm no visitor will be indifferent. Spacious houses, tastefully and comfortably equipped with all modern luxuries whilst maintaining a tradional focus. Renting a house is the easiest and most convenient way to plan your holidays.

Choose, reserve and enjoy your rental without the disturbance of neighbours.Intigrate all the family, sons and daughters, grandparents and friends. Renting a house gives you the chance to plan all together or separately, enjoying time together, moments of friendship in different places. Enjoy the convenience of having cooking facilities 24 hours, able to prepare special diestetc is just another of the advantages of renting a house. Holidays “a la carte” with out mishaps.